May 3rd :The download files are now fixed, sorry for any inconvenience caused.

What is iText?
iText is a user-friendly Windows application with which you can easily transfer text files to your iPod, and later access them from the Extras->Contacts menu. iText is freeware, meaning you can use it and distribute it freely.

In what way is iText any different from the note writing apps already available?
It is not very different, except for one major feature. iText puts a text file of any length into a single contact! Whereas other apps create lots of smaller text files (i.e. contacts), forcing you to switch between them every 2000 caracters.

How do I use iText?
Launch iText, paste some text in it, enter a title, select your iPod's drive letter in the drop-down menu and hit "Save text to iPod". !!iPod has only been tested for Windows iPods!! If your iPod is a mac one which you access with a Macopener-type program it might work, but has not been tested.

Why use iText? Can I not put my text files on the iPod's hard disk myself?
The simple answer is no. The iPod is not originally intended to display text files, it can only display vcards, which are meant to contain information about a contact. iText processes the text, removes unsupported caracters, formats it as a vcard and transfers it to the iPod's hard drive. Of course you can do all that manually if you wish...

Why can't I open text files directly from iText?
This functionality was not implemented in iText because it would only have supported text files(.txt), and I believe that most people using this software would use other file formats. So simply open your favorite app for your favourite file format, copy the text and paste it in iText. Opening files directly from iText might be implemented in the future, please send me the file formats you would like to use with iText so I know which ones I have to add support for.

iText can't do [extra function], could you add it?
I would be glad to add capabilities to iText. Send a message to me and I might implement it in a future version of iText

Will iText ever be ported to Linux?
Yes.....when I get a PC fast enough to run Linux comfortably :-(

iText sucks
Don't use it......

Can I use iText to transfer MP3s to my iPod?
No, iText is only intented to transfer text to the iPod. I suggest you use EphPod for MP3s

With what language did you write iText?
iText was written in Visual Basic 6, which enabled me to develop it quickly for a number of reasons. I might rewrite it in c++ someday, to remove the dll hassle, and to port it to linux.

Can I get the source code?
As I said iText was written in VB, and I would advise you ,if possible, to learn and/or use another programming language. What's more iText's code is, in my opinion, not really interesting, and not really well written... However if you are sure you want to learn VB, or you want to add a feature to iText, or for any other reason you want it, send me a message, and I might send it to you by e-mail.